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“Can you make an app so simple yet an experience

that even you granddad can use it on the first try?”

We Strategize, Design and Develop Mobile and Responsive Web Apps and any other Digital products keeping the same in mind. Our Clientele vary from Start-ups to well established Enterprises.

 UX/UI Design

“Simple is Beautiful”

When it comes to the World of Mobile, there is one basic rule: “Maintain User Engagement”. Offering a simple yet great user experience will not only improve customer retention but ultimately increase revenue. All of this can be achieved through an engaging solution, that delivers an intuitive, easy to use and fun experience to users. This is where our team in conjunction with your ideas aim to design products that push the boundaries of Technology.

Whether you are selling to large enterprises or to individuals, usability plays a major role in how anything is perceived. We blend UX best practices, and subtle design and usability tweaks to infuse that required amount of finesse into what we build.

From the industry leading user experience norms, to usability reviews, to charting kickass user journeys, we do it all.

We can come up with a solution, which not only will help you save time and money, but will give you options to tweak it to your liking, and help you scale your business as and when it grows.

Web Development


“Anything is possible, but not everything is feasible”

Development isn’t only about writing killer code. In fact, the architecture on which an app will be based is critical to it being perfect. Assigning specialist to match the technologies that have been selected, architecting the solution is what makes them stand out from the rest.

We make use of an agile development model, running in sprints. At the end of every sprint, you will be allowed to review and assess the build process which generates high quality assurance. Our diverse technology expertise in the following:

Front End Development (using Native & Cross Platform Frameworks)
  Android, iOS and Responsive Web
Back End Architecture
  Data Architecture
  Database Design (Schema)
  Service Oriented Architecture (web API’s)
  Cloud Server Hosting & Data Security
Testing & Deployment
  Test Summary Report
  Publication and Launch Activities

Mobile App Development

Our web development teams specialise in creating effective web interfaces for your business, and also gives shape to applications which run over web, seamlessly integrating components which can be preexisting or desired.

With the amalgamation of design and development teams’ expertise, bundled into one package, you can get the best of both worlds, and we can act as an one-stop solution for all your web related needs.

We understand that anything related to the web is cruicial for most businesses, because this is how we are perceived externally, we also understand the dynamic nature of its life-cycle, and we like how it manifests itself.

Mobility is one of those very few things, which we are certain which will pass the test of time, but that is a tricky place to be. It’s ever-changing facade has made it very challenging to keep up.

We offer a range of native iOS application development packages, for iPhone and iPad.These offerings can be platform agnostic, or coupled with another platform, depending on the need of the business.

Our team of iOS enthusiasts can act as a trusted counsel devising ways to design and formulate the user journeys and functions in the app.

We provide development, version control optimization, 24/7 support, cross-platform development, and other packages where you can combine your mobile presence options with other platforms for an uniform and streamlined managed service

Learn more about EdVAULT for secured Applications

Emerging Technologies

“AI and machine learning increasingly will be embedded into everyday things such as appliances, speakers and hospital equipment. This phenomenon is closely aligned with the emergence of conversational systems, the expansion of the IoT into a digital mesh and the trend toward digital twins.”

-Gartner Says

We can help you to take your products and services to the next level through our unique AR services, experience with IoT (smart location tracking devices) & knowledge of Chatbots.

About AR: Power your smartphone or computer to locate and identify specially designed AR “markers” using the camera. Project a super-imposed 3D image, sound, and/or video on the device screen which will combine with the “reality” that is being viewed in the real world. Our AR Apps and markers capture audience attention and engage consumers. Some use cases:

Infotainment industry: Provide vivid instructional manuals
Interactive medical visualizations for education, diagnosis and record keeping

Location Tracking Devices: Get an edge over competition through Apps enabled with location tracking devices using Beacons.

Chatbots: Want to change the form of communication between the brand and consumer? Try our digital agents that will intelligently converse with your customers, aka Chatbots!


Mobile applications are at the core of every business sector today. With a choice of mobile applications available in the market, customers are increasingly becoming intolerant of issues such as poor user experience, device compatibility issues, below par performance or functional/UI defects. To ensure that your customer base does not migrate on to alternative applications, mobile testing of your application is a must.

“Eliminate costly miscues and speed up your time to market through mobile testing”.

Let EduTree handle all your mobile testing needs. Our comprehensive mobile testing solution ensures that you keep up with the competition. We combine our expertise in using mobile technologies with the best practices in test management to deliver a robust solution.

Talent Acquisition


EduTree, which also acts as our search division, helps growing business solve staffing and manpower problems using a hybrid approach of combining contemporary staffing measures, and unique approaches to save time to hire.

We offer contract, permanent, executive search, and overseas hiring services at affordable costs. We have managed to em-panel a team of recruitment professionals who bring in valuable experience from different industries.

Our search division also focuses on the same principle of bridging th e gap between time, cost, and quality.

At EduTree, we follow a four-step process in delivering clients just what they want!

We Listen

We understand that each client comes with different business interest and hence requires a unique and customized work approach. Therefore, we lend a patient hearing to the needs and interests of our clients and aim to understand their business approach completely. 

We Discover

Following a careful analysis of the business needs and requirements, we work on discovering a strategy that would let us work maintaining a proper turn-around time. 

We Develop

We develop all your needs and wants carefully adhering to highest quality standards. 

We Deliver

EduTree works to deliver solutions in an agreed deadline without any compromises on quality. We focus on delivering the work carefully to our esteemed clients in different stages.

Hire us

We are taking on new projects. Would you like to discuss yours?


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