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Our mobile app testing practice is geared towards optimizing costs and achieving quicker time-to-market with comprehensive services across all mobile platforms. Our unique test strategies help in uncovering all the issues at the development stages for better efficiency and reliability of your app. An expert team of  specialists will help you create the right mobile application testing road-map based on our proven testing methodologies and best practices to shorten your test-cycle without compromising on quality.

Manual Testing
  • Functional testing

  • Cross platform testing

  • Interrupt testing

  • Integration testing

  • Exploratory testing

  • Localization testing

  • Usability testing

  • Security testing

Automation Testing
  • Tool selection

  • Define automation strategy

  • Writing test scripts

  • Developing the test suites

  • Execution of scripts

  • Identifying any potential bug or performance issues

  • Reporting

Performance Testing
  • Tool selection

  • Performance environment planning

  • Workload analysis and designing test scenarios

  • Record and run the scripts

  • Test execution

  • Analyzing the bottlenecks

  • Reporting


Our comprehensive mobile app testing service ensures flawless functionality, world class user experience and optimum performance for your mobile app. Our application testing experts will help you create the right mobile testing roadmap to optimize your test-cycle without compromising on quality.

Whether your mobile app is developed as a native app or as a hybrid cross platform application, our large repertoire of mobile app testing tools, methodologies and deep experience across a varied range of mobile apps and game testing helps us design the right test strategies for you and assures you of a high quality end product.


[x]cube’s mobile test automation services accelerate your testing cycle and reduces your time to market. Besides using high-end app testing tools, our app testing automation process is being continuously improved to make it simpler and time-efficient while consistently maintaining and improving output quality.

Mobile app automation testing helps achieve faster and precise results on multiple platforms by validating development cycles faster. By choosing the right automation tools for testing, we ensure accuracy, reliability, increased efficiency and minimal human intervention in terms of maintenance.


EduTree's mobile app performance testing capabilities ensure that your mobile solution is performing at its best giving your users an optimum experience. We deploy next-gen mobile app performance testing tools and solutions to ensure:

  • The response time for your app is faster and excellent.

  • Your backend is capable of managing normal and peak load conditions.

  • Tracking and managing your app’s performance over time.

  • Your app is stable, scalable, and doesn’t buckle under load pressure in the long run.

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