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SEED LEVEL : Integrated C AND C++ Training

Learn the world's most popular programming language

Duration: 6 weeks 


About Programming with C and C++ training:


The EduTree Training on C and C++ is a 6 weeks training program in which students will learn C and C++ programming, techniques of integrating function sets, generic application development and general method of architecting business solutions. At the end of the training, students will develop a library management software using C++. The training also includes a mini project of form validator using concepts of C programming where students will apply the concepts of loops, string handling, pointers, and structures. Following are the detailed table of contents of the training:



Table of Contents

  1. Basics: C Language: Study the basics of C language and learn to write your own functions.


  • Getting Started

  • C Data Types, Variables and Operators

  • Writing basic instructions

  • Decision Making

  • Loops

  • C Standard Library

  • Writing your own functions

  • Preprocessor Commands


2. Advanced: C Language: Learn the concepts of arrays, pointers, structures, and unions.


  •  Functions  · Arrays

  •  Pointers in C

  •  Strings

  •  Structures & Unions  · File I/O

  •  C: Project


3. Introduction to OOP and C++: Learn about objects, classes, structures, and unions.


  • Validator Function

  • Classes and Objects

  • Discussion on OOP Features

  • Constructors & Destructors

  • Access Modifiers

  • Constructor and Function Overloading

  • C++ Standard Library


4. Advanced: C++: Study the concepts of abstract classes and exception handling.


  • Dealing with Inheritance

  • Abstract Classes and Interfaces

  • Files and Streams

  • Dynamic Memory Handling

  • Exception handling

  • Namespaces

  • C++ Templates


Fee : 10500/-

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