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Customer Success

Maximize value of EdVAULT products with a foundation of education, training, and support

  • All encompassing Professional Services

  • Deep understanding of customer initiatives to ensure delivery of business value

  • Dedicated executive-level relationship manager/account management

  • Stratified Training and Support Programs

  • Customer Collaboration /Advisory Board

Customer Experience

EdVAULT provides account managers to advocate and coordinate all aspects of the engagement for customers.

  • Proactive delivery of technical tips, best practices, whitepapers, and recommendations of software upgrades and releases

  • Regular meetings to ensure progress toward the defined customer goals and objectives

  • Management of all support case activities, including providing progress reports if needed

  • Annual review of defined goals and objectives and prioritization of projects for the upcoming year

The EdVAULT Enterprise Solution

Comprehensive and designed to deliver real, sustained value

Multi-Layered Application Protection

Adaptive app and data protection prevents tampering, IP theft and reverse engineering — Learn More

Visibility & Intelligence

Real-time analytics and predictive intelligence against potential threats — Learn More

Advanced Threat Team

Industry-recognized security thought-leaders with more than 10 years of experience — Learn More

Enterprise Customer Success

Comprehensive suite of services, tailored to each enterprise’s singular needs — Learn More

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