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Design-led conversations over everything else is what we would recommend most of the time. We haven’t been around for long, but we have seen enough digital plans fail, because the experience wasn’t thought through. We would like our customers to stay away from exactly that!

Websites, mobile apps,  user journeys, personas, design simulations, and wire-frame POCs are few of the myriad things we do. Our content team would ensure that synergy and relevance is maintained in the ‘what’ of ‘how’ of the entire design and experience.

We have a three step approach which we follow as a commandment in our design lab, feasibility, feedback, and functionality. We do a detailed feasibility analysis of the design map and come up with a functionality chart which can work along with that. We use a hybrid of experience led designing and agile, to embed continuous user feedback in this, to make this a very concrete delivery mechanism.

Search engine optimization, sitemap and navigation flow, and platform readiness is at the core of our design strategy. Most of what we plan and embed in most of our work comes from our past experiences, but we have often seen we learn more with every new gig and with every new customer.


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