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Network Assessment Consulting

To meet the constantly changing threat landscape, IT organizations have implemented 'best in class' security technologies. As a result, IT infrastructures have become increasingly complex with differing security platforms, management consoles, rule sets, change management processes and reporting systems. Challenged to keep up with daily business demands and with limited resources to maintain their information security posture, IT staffs struggle to optimize and manage their complex environment while meeting the mandate to reduce operational expense and increase productivity. Without adequate resources and in-depth experience to test for vulnerabilities and determine their impact, organizations can make uninformed decisions that will result in data breaches, non-compliance to regulation, disruption of service, and a loss of revenue, confidence, and trust.

EduTree's Network Security Services help protect your network infrastructure from internal and external threats. Our dedicated teams of security consultants bring a blend of real-world experience, technical aptitude and broad industry knowledge to every project. Using a customized approach and proven methodologies, our security experts assess the security of your network ensuring a thorough analysis and testing of your network security policies, processes and controls.

Firewall Policy Assessment

EduTree's Firewall Policy Review will audit and analyze router and firewall configurations to ensure the highest levels of protection and performance are achieved and to identify system vulnerabilities. This service provides a detailed report of the threats to your security including prioritization of the dangers to your business critical assets based on system vulnerabilities. The risk assessment also exposes complex firewall configurations that lead to security risks being hidden within firewall rules and highlights duplicated, disabled, unused or expired rules in order to increase the performance and speed of firewall security.

Services include:

  • Compare firewall and general perimeter security considerations against corporate policy

  • Review security policy to verify that it conforms to industry recognized "best practices" and that it is configured to ensure maximum self-protection against attack

  • Interview staff to determine if firewall changes adhere to a change management process

  • Assess administrative access to the firewall management station

  • Review firewall logs for accuracy and thoroughness

  • Inspect firewall rule base(s) for compliance to baseline standards

  • Review firewall configuration for weaknesses

  • Determine if firewall versions are up to date

  • Verify access control (internal to external)

  • Review firewall management controls (authentication, communications, accounts, etc)

  • Review efficiency of firewall rule order

  • Identify methods for storing and alerting on events

  • Verify firewall disaster recovery, backup, and redundancy

  • Report on findings, prioritized impact and recommendations

PCI Remediation

To achieve compliance with the PCI DSS, organizations that store, transmit and process cardholder data must have a wide range of controls and policies in place that address all facets of the regulation. To identify gaps and missing controls, organizations must conduct PCI assessments and remediation. The need for remediation can emerge at the preassessment stage or during the onsite audit, and the organization will often require quick action to reach a state of full compliance.

When a pre-assessment or onsite audit identifies a compliance risk, quick remediation is an imperative. EduTree's PCI compliance team includes technology and risk management experts from a range of functional practice areas. This expertise assures you that any identified risk will be remediated by experts.

Product Design and Implementation

EduTree's experienced, expert engineers have tightly-integrated relationships with the world's leading information security products and solutions suppliers. Our professionals have identified the best products and solutions available and have become experts at identifying your needs, choosing products that will respond to your challenges and seamlessly integrating them into your network. 

  • Cost effective design and implementation ensure that products are implemented properly with minimal business interruption

  • Identification of products and solutions that will respond to your security compliance challenges

  • Assurance that your design and implementation is handled by partner-certified experts

  • Let you focus on your business without having to train staff on every security technology deployed in your organization

  • Deep industry experience and the ability to see past industry hype allows us to guide customers to the best solutions for their environment

Security Architecture

EduTree's Security Architecture Review service provides a detailed evaluation of your organization's current network security architecture, technology policy, management practices and planned architecture. The service identifies network and design architectural weaknesses in security, performance, scalability, and extensibility. Our team of security experts recommends improvements to better align the security architecture with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27002 security model, industry best practices, business objectives, and your organization's security policy.

  • Strengthens your network security infrastructure with multilayer "defense-in-depth" network protection

  • Reduces the risk of regulatory non-compliance

  • Ensures adequate protection from outsider threat and helps mitigate internal threats and/or unintentional user misuse

  • Eliminates any network security devices and technology that are either unneeded or ineffective in your current environment

  • Mitigates risk by identifying vulnerabilities before they become a threat

  • Proven methodology ensures quality, accuracy and thoroughness of your assessment

  • Provides confidence that your network security architecture meets industry best practice and regulatory standards

Technology Evaluation and Selection

EduTree's Technology Assessment and Selection services provide a vendor-independent, highly informed recommendation about the many available security technologies that can best address your business challenges. Our proven evaluation methodology provides accurate insight as to the "fit" of specific products to your environment based on your requirements and their relevance to various information security and risk management standards. We conduct each evaluation in our state-of-the art Technology Lab, where all products under consideration are thoroughly tested, with side-by-side results analyzed. And our services don't end with the evaluation. Our services also provide full implementation service once a product has been selected.

  • Provides a higher level of information security readiness in less time and for less money

  • Delivers more cost-effective solutions based on our deep vendor partnerships and purchasing power

  • Provides the right combination of technology, services and support to help you optimize your security infrastructure and processes to minimize system downtime while improving staff efficiency and security effectiveness

  • Helps reduce business interruption

  • Frees up your information security resources to address day-to-day operational issues

VOIP Infrastructure Security

EduTree's VoIP Security Review Service is designed to identify and address security vulnerabilities including eavesdropping, loss of service, fraud, data alteration, denial of service attacks, viruses, and more. Our security team uses a holistic approach to provide customers with a detailed analysis to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of VoIP networks. By combining proven and field-tested concepts with the latest knowledge of information attack and mitigation techniques, EduTree provides the industry's most comprehensive VoIP infrastructure security review.

  • Discover VoIP network vulnerabilities and risks to your business systems

  • Identify remediation steps to help prevent network compromise

  • Helps reduce business interruption

  • Minimizes theft or misuse of data

  • Help ensure your organization is meeting regulatory compliance requirements

  • Mitigates risk by identifying vulnerabilities before they become a threat

  • Helps to ensure the security, integrity and availability of information assets

  • Proven methodology ensures quality, accuracy and thoroughness of your assessment


" Initial consultation starts at $1999 "

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