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Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Intrusion Detection Plus Everything You Need to Detect & Respond to Threats

Vulnerability Assessment
Intrusion Detection
Behavioral Monitoring

Stay Ahead of the Latest Threats with Zero Effort

Our software analyze emerging threats daily on network your behalf and deliver continuous, automatic threat intelligence updates to the Network Vault platform.

Deploy Faster & Detect Threats Sooner

Discover a faster time to value with the Network Vault platform. Get started in hours, not weeks or months. It's fast to deploy, affordable, and easy to use for today's resource-constrained IT security teams.

Ready to dive in ?

Accelerate threat detection with Intrusion detection system

Network Vault delivers built-in intrusion detection systems as part of an all-in-one network security management console. It includes built-in host intrusion detection (HIDS), network intrusion detection (NIDS), as well as cloud intrusion detection for your network, enabling you to detect threats as they emerge in your critical cloud and on-premises infrastructure.
  • Make informed decisions with contextual data about attacks, including a description of the threat, its method and strategy, and recommendations on response.

  • Use automatic notifications so you can be informed of key threats as they happen.

  • Work more efficiently with powerful analytics that uncover threat and vulnerability details - all in one console.

Network Vault Installation
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