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Growing businesses needs a recruitment partner, which enables their growth by helping with manpower needs. While our company is built around our technology services offerings, our recruitment solutions gives you that edge to grow faster organically to keep up with the industry.

We believe sense of urgency and the velocity it fuels, eventually becomes the difference between a good and a really effective recruitment partner. While, we pride ourselves on the speed, we also believe that the confluence of speed, quality, and cost effectiveness is our sweet spot. EduTree is that bridge which can connect all three for your growing business.

We have brought together a very interesting mix of services to help our customers win this race. From empowering external interviewers for our customers on niche technology skill-sets, to enabling contract work-force to cascade employment and staffing woes, to head-hunting for key leadership roles, we have touched most of the aspects which our customers usually need assistance with.

We offer contract, permanent, executive search, and overseas hiring services at affordable costs. We have managed to empanel a team of recruitment professionals who bring in valuable experience from different industries. We have hand-picked the team from multiple companies, and trained them in-house on the values we intend to deliver.

We like to be called recruitment partners, and not a consultancy. The intent is to work with our customers to optimize effectiveness. Our prime differentiator is sense of urgency. Our current clientele has startups and large enterprises, and we like the diversity which we find ourselves catering to.

We also cross-leverage our network support in more than 12 countries to enable hires for customers who are expanding to new geographies, and are apprehensive about extending contracts to other agencies. We manage the entire experience on your behalf. With one relationship you can extend your coverage to regions like US, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Poland, Hungary, Philippines, Ireland, and Spain.

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