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App security investments driven by losses, not prevention

The results of our 2018 Global Study on Application Security, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, show most organizations still don’t adequately invest in app security.

Application breaches are rising, but proactive security measures are not keeping pace

Data breaches caused by unprotected applications affected nearly 75% of companies according to our 2018 Global Study on Application Security, conducted by the Ponemon Institute. Surveying nearly 1,400 IT and IT security practitioners from around the world, this study examines the risks unprotected applications pose and what organizations are doing to minimize this risk.

Among the more startling revelations: a majority of companies admit they don't adequately invest in app security until after they've suffered significant loss, and nearly half said they don't have visibility into their apps in the wild.

Download the full report to find out why most companies still aren't adequately investing in app hardening security measures, and the effect of real-time app threat data could have on increasing security spend and minimizing business risk. 

Protect your apps from the inside out.

Traditional network and device cyber security approaches do not work for high-value apps running in entrusted environments. Without additional protection, applications are your least secured attack vector.

The EdVAULT Enterprise Solution

The EdVAULT solution is comprehensive and designed to deliver real, sustained value

Multi-Layered App Protection

  • Layered, Adaptive App and Data Protection

  • Detection and Prevention of Tampering, Reverse Engineering & IP Theft

  • Enterprise App Distribution and Policy Management

Multi-Layered App Protection

Advanced Threat Team

  • Deep Insight into Emerging Threats and Attack Vectors

  • Comprehensive Incident & Emergency Response

  • Customer-Specific Zero-Day Threat Monitoring & Support

Advanced Threat Team

Intelligence & Visibility

  • Real-Time Analytics for Apps in the Wild

  • Predictive Intelligence Against Potential Threats

  • Ready Integration with Existing Risk Systems

Intelligence & Visibility

Enterprise Customer Successs

  • Dedicated Executive Level Account Management

  • Stratified Training and Support Programs

  • All Encompassing Professional Services

Enterprise Customer Success

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