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While Sachin Tendulkar was the greatest and the most revered cricketer ever, he was always known for his flick off the legs. Rivals wanted to play like him, team-mates prayed him to stay for ever. When it comes to our competencies, this is our flick, out straight drive, and everything which legendary stuff is made of.

Web development is what we were good at when we thought about opening the company. Everyone is getting serious about their online presence and that compels them to associate with the right partner to amplify their web experience. That is the story we want to be a part of.

We want to associate with passionate and convention-defying businesses and be the catalyst for their web influence, and how they are perceived in the digital ecosystem.

We have experienced situations and made amends in our previous customer affiliations about how we can tweak a growing business’ web activity to gather enough brownie-points to service in this every-changing digital space.

Innovation, constant user-feedback, and agility of implementation is what we believe can solve most problems in the world of 0s and 1s. We also believe that ideas are exciting, but executed ideas are better.

Here is how we define Web 101 for our interns:
1. Discover all the information you can

2. Plan to execute

3. Design and experience – Jazz things up, factor in the experience

4. Develop. /dɪ’veləp/. Period.

5. Test, test some more, test again, and keep testing.

6. Maintenance

We are an inquisitive set of people, and we like use that as a superpower. While we were writing this segment of the website, out CEO was curioous about Bermuda Triangle, whether it is a hoax, or a reality.

But, that apart, we have trained our muscles in multiple technologies and platforms, mostly to give our customer (you) the flexibility to express themselves digitally and communicate with your customers. We have also built an Arsenal of talent who are good at CMS platforms like wordpress or Magento. We don’t mind bringing in something to use, if the situation demands as well.

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